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Access your files and folders directly from the Homescreen of your iPad or iPhone.
This multi-sized widget for iOS and iPadOS creates Desktop-Feeling
with links and shortcuts right on your Apple device.



Add folders to the iOS homescreen. Shortcuts to your iCloud files.
This app offers a shortcut widget for your Homescreen. Add links to folders and files, which are stored in iCloud Drive or locally, and access them easily from the Desktop of your iOS or iPadOS device. The application supports widgets in three different sizes and is pretty easy to use. A beautiful darkmode is included as well.


Add files to iPhone homescreen. Made for iOS and iPadOS.
Supported locations of files and folders:

- iCloud Drive
- On my iPhone / On my iPad

Following file types are supported:

pdf, docx, doc, pages, pptx, ppt, rtf, epub, image, text, plainText, jpeg, tiff, gif, png, bmp, ico, rawImage, svg, zip, livePhoto, movie, video, audio, quickTimeMovie, mpeg, mpeg2Video, mpeg2TransportStream, mp3, mpeg4Movie, mpeg4Audio, avi, aiff, wav, midi, archive, gzip, bz2, utf8PlainText, utf16ExternalPlainText, utf16PlainText, delimitedText, commaSeparatedText, tabSeparatedText, utf8TabSeparatedText, webArchive, appleArchive, spreadsheet

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